Asterisk and ADHEARSION

stumbled upon these posts this morning: … repreneur/

[quote]Adhearsion is a new Application Programmer Interface layer to an entire business, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) included. The open-source PBX software Asterisk by the fantastic folks at Digium has really revolutionized the Telecom world and it’s this on which Adhearsion builds.

What makes Adhearsion special is that it employs the linguistic, very high-level Ruby programming language, allows refreshingly pain-free database integration, and most importantly I feel is its extension architecture.[/quote]

i’m not much of a geek (asterisk nor RUBY) so i wondered whether anyone has tried this on * 1.4 and what it’s benefits are (i.e. how can it extend * 1.4 capacities)?[/quote]

In my opinion this is a very promising development, as Ruby on Rails and Asterisk together is a powerful combination. There have been Ruby/Rails libs before, such as RAMI and RAGI, but now Adhearsion plans to take it to the next level (as RAI had planned as well, but not active as of yet).

If you are going to learn one new thing this year in tech, I recommend Ruby and what better practical application than some voice apps that leverage Asterisk.

I will make this a sticky for a bit to ensure it gets the visibility it should.