Asterisk AMI of http


I am trying to connect to the Asterisk AMI to run commands and I am being unsuccessful. The first URL I am calling is: … et=my_pass
Which works. I then call: … mmand=core show channels
and I get:
No such command ‘core’ (type ‘core show help core’ for other possible commands)

I am trying to figure out where I send the command and any other parameters and variables (if I wanted to initiate a call etc.)



Bare spaces aren’t legal in URIs. Whereas as a full web server may silently fix that error, it is quite likely that the Asterisk implementation is much more pedantic.

you are executing an unexisting command

do it like this for example … 20channels

Using %20 for space seems to have done it. How would I add other parameters such as variables?

I suggest you to use a programming language like PHP where you can pass variable to the AMI action. and also make logical descicion like if() { } else {}

if you prefer to use the above method you cant use variables, you will need to define direct parameters , example :

action=command&command=sip%20show%20peer%20%20100 where 100 is the peer