Asterisk AMI connetion from different machine


I am new to asterisk.

I need to connect to the AMI on the asterisk box from a windows box using telnet to port 5038. I use putty on the windows machine to connect to asterisk AMI on the asterisk box. The problem is that after I see the telnet prompt and try to login to the AMI using "Action: … " etc, the server responds with an error “Message: Message: missing action in request”.

But I can connect directly to the asterisk box using SSH and login as root, and after logging in as root, I am able to telnet to the AMI and login and see events without any problem.

Please help.


Have you setup the manager.conf to allow the ip address of the machine you are on to connect ?


Thanks for your reply Ian,

I have configured the manager.conf to allow the ip address.

I had added the line "permit=/> under the user name. I had also added the following under the user name:

enabled = yes
port = 5038
bindaddr =

But nothing worked.