Asterisk AEAP other language than en-US

I activate speech to text with google cloud using AEAP, but only accept en-US language.
When I change in any other language I have this error:

[2024-02-22 23:47:01] ERROR[644781]: res_aeap/aeap.c:204 raise_msg_handler: AEAP (0x7f2824004c50): Language 'fr-FR 'not supported

Please who can help me


Are you using the example/sample we provide? If so, that is exactly what it is and so it is not feature complete or will support everything. It supports strictly en-US[1]. If you want it to support more, then you’ll have to modify/extend it. As I said though - it is example/sample code. It was not written for production use. Any such use is up to you.

[1] aeap-speech-to-text/lib/languages.js at master · asterisk/aeap-speech-to-text · GitHub

Thanks Jclop for your help
I did it

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