Asterisk 20 performance Tests

Good morning community, I am running a set of performance tests for Asterisk 20 to analyze the capability of Asterisk based on the assigned AWS EC2 instance. I have successfully tested SIPp for unencrypted UDP and TLS calls, but cannot successfully send SIPp encrypted traffic to the SIP trunk. Does anyone have experience testing performance with encryption over TLS and UDP? It would be very helpful to be able to analyze some SIPp scenario with encryption.

Kind of an outside-the-box idea, but would testing with a second Asterisk EC2 instance help you achieve your goal ie. SIPp → UDP → Asterisk 1 → TLS → Asterisk 2 ?

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I finally performed successful performance tests for Asterisk with TLS and sRTP, the result was that Asterisk supports 30 concurrent extensions per virtual core for instances on AWS and is capable of supporting 120 simultaneous channels for unencrypted UDP per core. In the constructed scenario, calls are sent with the SIPp client to an Asterisk trunk and then removed to another PPX simulating a connection between Extension - PBX and PBX - Trunk.