Asterisk 20.6.0 crashes under heavy load

I’m upgrading my current system from Asterisk 11 and CentOS 7 to Asterisk 20.6.0 and Rocky Linux 8. The new system keeps crashing under load (200ish calls). I’m using lua for the dialplan and I’m thinking that may have something to do with the crashing. Thank You!

The CLI dies with:

double free or corruption (fasttop)

Coredump is below:

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Yes, the backtrace would seem to indicate something with pbx_lua or the MySQL library.

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Thank you! I know I’ve asked this before, but are there any plans to remove the pbx_lua module from asterisk? I know it’s not supported, but it works extremely well and we wrote our extensive dialplan in it.

Noone has proposed removing it, and it is used internally at Sangoma.

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Do you happen to use luasql-mysql as well internally? The mysql plugin for lua seems to be the culprit. I haven’t found any good alternatives for it.

I don’t have knowledge of that, I can try to find out but it would likely need to wait until after AstriCon.

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Doing so more testing, I’ve found that using func_odbc instead of luasql in my diaplan works without crashing. I guess my solution is to port everything to func_odbc. :upside_down_face:

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