Asterisk 18.18 Module Load and The requested URL was not found on this server. Error

Hello i am facing some error on asterisk 18.18 on Debian 10 with setting up ari to make calls

can someone help me with the errors?

How about you describe what you are doing and show the errors you see, in text no screen prints.

Then people might be able to help you… Now we know you are facing errors… but we have no idea what kind of errors as you have not provided any information… :wink:

i am getting this error on asterisk 16 on debian 10

In the future do not use screeprints. Text only, that is way more clear…

Why do you think this is an error…?

Have you configured radius? I will assume you have not.

Try to disable the radius module, when you have done that Asterisk will not look for the radius client config.

The screen print you have added, shows the status of the asterisk service, the service is active so asterisk is up.

The lines related to the radiusclient are just warnings.

now am getting error while registering to my sip provider who uses mbilling

Then you have to provide that log information, not the status of your asterisk service.

What is mbilling and what does that have to do with a sip registration?

I would advise you to enable the asterisk logging to see what asterisk risk reports and use sngrep or ngrep to check the signaling between you and your provider.

Show that information on the forum, so people can try and assist.

mbilling is magnus billing and my provider uses this for billing and to make sip connection and he has have me ip to ip auth but when i try to connect i get no response received from

will you prefer any pjsip configuration to register and check if its working also if you can do this as job lmk

Billing has nothing to do with the registration…

As stated before show the log files and capture the signaling, then people can assist you.

When you need to configure pjsip and have issues with that, provide what you have configured, make sure you do not show passwords…

Without information we can not assist.

If you want someone to do it for you, there is a Jobs part in the forum and place your request there.

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