Asterisk 16 NOTICE

someone knows why i am getting this error even i am not the one trying to connect nor i have shared access of mt server or something to anyone else

anyone can help?

Please paste your error messages (and the relevant sections of your dialplan)
as plain text - please do not send screenshot images.


And also wait longer than 45 minutes before poking your own thread. This is a community forum, there is no guarantee of help, or time frame. The image also doesn’t show errors, it shows notices of incoming calls failing to match an endpoint.

Dear ABHASH BHAI Gujrati,
may you check once all endpoints are connectivity and username and password and if it is possible share remote

okay do you got discord or telegram / email or whatsapp

Those look like bogus attempts to invite random users from the mentioned IP addresses.
For me those IP addresses will be blocked directly and automatically.

BTW. Your IP is in that screenshot.

I also normally don’t allow direct access to my external IP address. Users need to use my domain name to register with my asterisk server. INVITE x@IP and REGISTER x@IP will be dropped (with block in iptables as result).

i am using a external sip provider to make outbound calls with ari so these all request / Invite are not be me i want to know why are this coming and any fix to this

i am allowing someone else or sharing sip from my asterisk idk from where this request are coming and am new to asterisk too that’s why am in search for someone who has experience with asterisk also i will pay him

also, check the route of the network

can i get your mail pls? we could get a talk like a live chat and share you the remote and what am trying to do

I see that they come from two IP addresses.

All INVITEs target endpoints which don’t exist so they must be attacks from someone who is trying something funny (they are just probing your asterisk server to see what sticks).

You will need to block those IPs (assuming those are not IP addresses you recognize).

As a short term solution you can just block them (if you have iptables installed):

iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP

okay but can i get your mail or any contact?

after i did, it started giving many more Notice and request from many more ips

Classic attack. One IP doesn’t work anymore so they use another.

That’s why they are blocked automatically for me.

I have custom scripts but you could look into something like fail2ban.
(But you probably need someone you can set that up.)

Everybody who runs a SIP server which is exposed to the Internet gets frequent
scans, and attempts to place calls.

If you only want connections from known IPs, use firewall rules.

If you want to allow connections from anywhere for authenticated users, you
have to trust to the authentication process and accept that your logs will
show other people trying to get in.


Hey man do you got discord , telegram , gmail or any other source to get a talk with you?

Hey man do you got discord , telegram , gmail or any other source to get a talk with you ? if you have just lmk

Why have you created a second forum account?

as i can’t text anymore from that i need to wait like 8hrs as a new user