Asterisk - 16.5 SSL Connection Error

Hey, I have an some questions. I am trying to use webrtc with asterisk. I have completed my certificates in accordance with the documentation. I get an ssl arrow response when reloading, but when I want to reach via chrome:

ERROR [113]: tcptls.c: 157 handle_tcptls_connection: Unable to set up ssl connection with peer ‘’
[Aug 18 17:14:52] ERROR [114]: iostream.c: 633 ast_iostream_start_tls: Problem setting up ssl connection: error: 00000001: lib (0): func (0): reason (1), Internal SSL error

getting errors. I also added the certificate as a trusted certificate. what should I do? Thanks your answers :slight_smile:

How exactly are you reaching that URL? You won’t be able to visit it by browsing, it has to exist as the WSS URL (wss:// used by the SIP client in the browser.

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