Asterisk 15 channels keep switching to alaw/slin

Hi all,

I’ve been trying Asterisk 15.2 this week and I’ve noticed when a codec like g726 or g729 is negotiated in the initial SDPs Asterisk will immediately reINVITE and switch to alaw. The debug log shows Asterisk thinks it has received an alaw packet and that’s the reason it’s switching - however an identical setup with Asterisk 14 doesn’t have this issue.

When I do pjsip show channelstats the channel shows the codec as “slin” for some reason.

Endpoints are configured with direct_media=no and asymmetric_rtp_codec=no. The calls should be bridged (simple) with leg A using g72x and leg B will be using alaw.

Before I roll back to Asterisk 14 on this box is there some other things I can try?

You would need to provide the configuration, console output, core show channel for each channel, and the pjsip set logger on output. The new stream code may be triggering the reinvite to make the channels more compatible if SDP negotiation has resulted in both sides supporting a common set.

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