Asterisk 15.6.1 + No voice on extension (Bria solo softphone)

I m new to Asterisk. My team have setup the 15.6.1 version on a CentOS 7 VM with real IP.
We have created two extensions. We are using Bria software for the extensions as SIP phone.

But the problem is when calls come in it rings. We can receive the calls.
But there is no voice on either side.
I have checked the speaker/mic settings and all are working fine.

I found that it could be a problem for NAT which is taken care by the VM provider.
Any idea what else might be causing the issue?

I would appreciate a little descriptive help.

Thanks in advance.

Typically, one-way audio (or not audio) is indicative of either a NAT firewall configuration issue, or a mismatch in codecs. You would be wise to look at SIP traces for the calls to try to identify which codecs are being negotiated and which IP addresses are being advertised in the SDP messages, etc.

Any idea how I can do that for Asterisk?

Type sip set debug on for chan_sip or pjsip set logger on for chan_pjsip on Asterisk CLI and then make the call.

Thanks everyone. The problem was resolved by adding the followings:

localnet= ; RFC 1918 addresses
localnet=      ; Also RFC1918
localnet=           ; Another RFC1918 with CIDR notation
localnet= ; Zero conf local network

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