Asterisk 15.3.0 (chan pjsip) sending erroneous second BYE after hangup


I am seeing strange behavior that I have noticed with Asterisk 15.3.0, but that I do not see in Asterisk 15.1.2. After I call HangUp() in an Asterisk Dial-Plan, a second ‘BYE’ is being sent to the client. This second ‘BYE’ is for the same Call-ID but the CSeq is incremented by one, and as stated, this does not happen with Asterisk 15.1.2.

Has anyone seen this before? or know what could be causing it to happen in 15.3.0?

Thank you,

I’d suggest providing the actual console output and SIP trace to see the flow.

Clarifying, If using the exact same pjsip.conf, extentions.conf, and rtp.conf files; Asterisk 15.3 puts the Public IP-Address of the Asterisk Server into the Contact Header but Asterisk 14.6 puts the Private IP-Address of the Asterisk Server into the Contact Header for a “200 OK” from an “INVITE” Request. tcpdump captures show no other differences when other to pertinent data (The only difference is the version of Asterisk). This causes the ACK Back , ot the “200 OK” to not be received by Asterisk. However, it is reaching the Server that Asterisk on on according to Wireshark.

Thank you