Asterisk 13 with libss7- call go silent on some channels


I am using Asterisk 13 with libss7 ,dahdi-linux-complete-, everything seems fine all links are up , signalling is okay. But issue is on some random channels call is not progressing. Like calls are landing on those channels but we are unable to listen anything but on CLI it shows that dialplan is executing. But pressing any key also didn’t work. Basically call is not progressing on some channels. And these are random channels not any specific. Few people said that under load conditions the libss7 do not behave properly. Is it right?

Please guide I am badly stuck in it and it effects our whole service , I would be really grateful.

Many Thanks.

libss7 works great if you have the right hardware and configuration setup. It has done millions of calls without a reset.
Digium offers proffesional support if you are having grief getting your setup to work.
The ss7 mailing list ( is a good way to discuss ss7 related issues. Sometimes chan_ss7 is also discussed and should not be confused with libss7.

Thanks ambiorixg12 , I hope the mailing address you have shared would be helpful in sorting out my problem.