Asterisk 13 only reads the first DTMF digit

Hi all,

I’m using Asterisk 13 to read DTMF by using the dialplan Read() application through AGI.
It was working fine but since Friday it only reads the first DTMF digit in a sequence of key presses.

I didn’t make any config changes to any config files but this strange phenomena just started and I cannot get it to read all the digits in my key press sequence.

The code for the AGI code looks like follows in the one case:

int noOfAttempts = 0;
while (noOfAttempts <= 1 && otherPeer.isEmpty()) {
       agiChannel.exec("Playback", Sounds.ENTER_NUMBER_TO_CALL.getFilename());
       agiChannel.exec("Playback", Sounds.FOLLOWED_BY_THE_POUND_KEY.getFilename());
       agiChannel.exec("Read", "otherpeer,,0,,,5");
       otherPeer = agiChannel.getFullVariable("${otherpeer}");

In another case it looks like follows:

        String dtmf = null;
        Integer delay = 3;
        Integer tries = 3;

        if (entryDelay != null) {
            delay = entryDelay;

        if (numTries != null) {
            tries = numTries;

        try {
            agiChannel.exec(AgiApplication.READ.getName(), "generalDtmf," + promptFilename + ",0,," + tries + "," + delay);
            dtmf = agiChannel.getFullVariable("${generalDtmf}");
        } catch (AgiException agiEx) {

        return dtmf;

As can be seen in one case a number of tries are used and the other case it is done manually. The delay was set to be 3 seconds, but it doesn’t make a difference.

Is there a possibility that my Asterisk 13 installation went haywire or am I doing something wrong in my code?