Asterisk 13 not loading

asterisk 13 installed from debian repositories. does not load cell

localhostCLI> cel show status
CEL Logging: Disabled

In cel.conf, it’s activated.


localhost*CLI> module load cel
Unable to load module cel
Command ‘module load cel’ failed.
[2019-03-15 09:17:47] WARNING[27541]: loader.c:556 load_dynamic_module: Error loading module ‘cel’: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[2019-03-15 09:17:47] WARNING[27541]: loader.c:1090 load_resource: Module ‘cel’ could not be loaded.

CEL is not a module, it’s part of the core. Have you looked at the console output at startup to see if it complains of anything? Have you tried putting the sample config in place and turning it on with that instead?

most of the time when a module is not loading the reason could be configuration file issue for the module or a dependency not installed