Asterisk 13 & MixMonitor


MixMonitor stop recording when attended transfer call!
AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT - is deprecated!

Please tell me what i can do?

As you already said AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT - is deprecate, but according to the Asterisk Wiki … OK_INHERIT

I understand! But i need record calls after attended transfer! How i can do it?

I’m not sure if audiohooks were ever supposed to inherit across a transfer; transfers are not inheritance cases in the normal Asterisk sense. However there are many different ways of initiating an attended transfer: hook flash on dahdi, feature code, SIP enquiry and REFER.

Note that in the case of SIP transfer, Asterisk has no idea that there is a transfer in progress until it gets the REFER, so will never record the enquiry as part of the original call; it is simply a new call on the phone’s “second line”.

SIP client send REFER when transfer call - then record stop!

Help please! %(

I made an small research and some testing with Different Asterisk version, and AUDIOHOOK INHERIT() Function seems to be the solutions to this issue on the past, But not longer working since asterisk 12.If I find a workaround to this issue I will post it

Snk! But it’s not correct! In Asterisk > 12 function is DEPRECATED!
Please help!

A quick workaround would be merge the 2 recording files using SOX tool after the second recording was completed, using variable inheritance and the against the variable MIXMONITOR FILENAME

A call to B - record fine
B call to C - record fine
When B hangup send SIP REFER, records stop and i don’t have A and C record