Asterisk 13 - Force TLSv1.2

Does Asterisk 13 currently support TLSv1.2? All the tutorials/guides I’ve read seem to only use TLSv1 at the most. I can’t seem to find what to enter into tlsclientmethod to force Asterisk to use TLSv1.2, if at all possible.

Would appreciate any help.

There are separate “tlsdisable” options to disable things. By default TLSv1 support is disabled and by doing “tlsdisablev11” you can also disable TLSv1.1 which should result in only TLSv1.2

Thanks! I’ve added “tlsdisablev11” and “tlsdisablev1” and have confirmed they’ve been disabled.

I think it would help others if this configuration item was added into the various Asterisk documentations and sample sip.conf file. Just a suggestion.

Please file a documentation issue on the issue tracker[1] so that your comment doesn’t get lost.