Asterisk 13 configuration for Outbound trunk

Hi, I am just playing around with the new Asterisk 13 version and two outbound endpoints.
The configuration for receiving calls from the first outbound endpoint is working but I have problems to set up the outbound endpoint which receives the calls from me which will go to the public telephone network. Those two endpoints have different ip addresses!
The outbound server doesn’t need auth settings, it will recognize the asterisk 13 server based on it’s IP address in the INVITE section.
After many configuration and dialplan changes I am totally frustrated and can’t see what I am doing wrong and the documentation for Asterisk 13 is not really available. Therefore it is also not helpful when I post my configuration settings.
So what would theoretically be the basic dialplan setting and pjsip configuration to get my setting working? (Or where can I find better documentation?)

Sorry for the post!
My settings were all correct!
The outbound VOIP provider had an faulty configuration :frowning: