Asterisk 13 and PHPagi agi get_status get-data get_variable 2018

So i do a shotrt questtion maybe it can help me!:slight_smile:
So i have a New Raspeberry Pi 3 Plus , i have the newest Debian Stretch on it apche, MySql, php7.0 …
And i have setup my Asterisk on that , its version 13, i got with apt-get install… so i have make a new Confg , download the new Version of PhpAgi 2.20 and after got 2 Prblems

  • AGI DialStatus i got an No usabeble Data… so i had to get out from agi in Extensions.conf , get dialstatus , back to AGI and work with dialstatus…

$res = $agi->exec(“DIAL SIP/$argv[2],600,mTtWw”);
$DialStatus = $agi->get_variable(‘DIALSTATUS’);
print "---------------------------------------- —>>> AGI GET DialStatus : ".$DialStatus[‘data’];
print “\n”;
print "---------------------------------------- —>>> print_r : ".print_r($DialStatus,true);
print “\n”;

Next Status Problem

  • i have a DIal menu like 1 ring the phone 2 Mobilphone, 3 Mailbox…

print"----------------------------------------- —>>> Jump Start \n";
##$id_opcion = $agi->get_data(‘custom2/_Hallo_Ans_T123_01’);//, 15000, 5
#$id_opcion = $agi->get_data(‘custom3/vm-options"’);
$id_opcion = $agi->get_data(‘custom2/anruferauswahl_w"’);
####$id_opcion = $agi->get_data(‘custom2/_Dial_tone_Sonderwählton"’);
$id = $id_opcion[‘result’];
$agi->Verbose(’------------------------------------ —>>> id [’.$id.’]’);
if ($id != “”){
} else {

if ($id == 1 || $id == 2 || $id == 3 ) {

it Doesnt play the File, and the choice ist Zero and get to Hängup …

i hope some has any ideas… maybe a working PhpAgi or what ever…or its a bug on whatever…
btw. on my still working Old Pl is Asterisk 11, same PHPAGI, php5, Apache … And its working but an (old) Debian

And the question "you can put the SD-Card from Pi3 in the Pi3Plus…?! , its no boot on Pi3Plus…:frowning:
After upgrade the Wheezy to Stretch its booting, but than i have the same problems i worte down… New Asterisk… etc :slight_smile:

Add some extra info now:
I have a CallBack Agi Script in my Asterisks that calls me back when i Call my agi…
So it calls me back, and asks me for a pin after number… than 1 for Dial star for new number… that works!
So my asterisk calls me and that works… when i call my asterisk that will be not work propely… :-(:sleepy: