Asterisk 11 with Auerswald COMmander


I’m trying to extend our infrastructure with Asterisk VoiP.
'Till now we only use an Auerswald COMmander to establish phone calls via ISDN.

The images shows what I would like to build:

  • Calls from Phone 1 to Phone 2 should be handeld by Auerswald
  • Calls from Phone 3 to Phone 4 should be handeld by Asterisk

Is it possible to make call from Phone 3 to Phone 1 or
call from Phone 3 to the World
and the other way round?

So as I dial a 4 digit number like 1XXX I can make internal office calls via VoiP
and as I dial 2 digit numbers (sth btw 10 and 99) internal office calls to “normal” isdn phones
no matter which phone I use.

Can someone please help me?