Asterisk 11 - gtalk (motif/xmpp)- externip for NAT?

I have successfully installed Asterisk 11- beta1 with the motif/xmpp channel/resource pair replacing gtalk/jabber.

It works fine, inbound & outbound on a server with an external IP number.

It also works well behind a simple consumer-NAT [D-Link] router.

[color=#FF4000]But[/color] on an Amazon AWS server, with its form of NAT, there is no full connection to google.

In prior Asterisk versions, I had to have the line “externip=50.x.y.z” in the [general] section of gtalk.conf for it to work properly. (with correct IP, obviously)

I’ve tried the externip thing in the new config files, it is not understood, at least in my various attempts.
Is there some way to restore this functionality in the current version?

Can you share your .conf files? In particular, motif.conf, sip.conf, extensions.conf, xmpp.conf.
Really appreciated. Thanks.