Asterisk 11.18.0

Hi all

My pri span2 same times left syconize the TEI and appears these error

[Mar 1 20:24:28] ERROR[3892]: chan_dahdi.c:14966 dahdi_pri_error: PRI Span: 2 Unable to receive TEI from network in state 2(Assign awaiting TEI)!
i do the command core stop now and stop asterisk
and than i connect to console same time pri show channel span2 appears Up Active and
same times appears Down, Active . exemple :
ipbx*CLI> pri show spans
PRI span 1/0: Up, Active
PRI span 2/0: Down, Active

How ica fixed these issues ???

the line in telco it´s OK


Contact your hardware supplier.


Tank for you replay i already contact sangoma
the tecnical support tell me the problema is on asterisk
i have these problema 3 months ;(