Asterisk 10.2.1 T.38 Fax Call Not working

Hi ,

I have below enabled in sip.conf

t38pt_udptl = yes

When i try to make a Call with both Audio and T.38 Fax By Sending a INVITE to Asterisk , on a Answer / 200 OK Response SDP Observed m=image 0 udptl t38 , i dont see proper T.38 in SDP , it looks like asterisk 1.10 doesnt answer with T.38 Response . Not sure if i am missing something . Is this how the behaviour is .

All i observed by looking at the code is on a T.38 Initiate/Initial INVITE T.38 State is not enabled so on a Answer it always sends m=image 0 udptl t38 . So not sure if this is a bug in the code .

Can you please confirm . and do advise if i miss any settings to make it work.


Has anyone faced similar problem - Is this is a Bug in asterisk 10.2.1