Asterisk Stream Music on hold


I have recently come across this bug that was fixed for the asterisk 16.1.0 release:

"[i]If i have a moh class, which plays a network stream, and when no one currently listening it, asterisk stops to receive data from player,
then in a few minutes player stops reading network stream,
and then tcp connection dropeed from server side. Bad.

I did not find any player, which can always read network, even when no one reads music from it.

I have looked what to patch, and decided, that asterisk’s res_musiconhold is the easiest way.

All we need, is to check for existence of ‘listeners’ not just before reading music from player, but just after.
Look for code example in

With this patch, asterisk always take music from player, and only then decides what to do (waste away or play for somebody).

It’s work fine in my production ( for two month.[/i]"

Im trying to understand the implications of this bug fix: Does this mean that if you are streaming your music on hold, The player connected to asterisk will now be receiving the stream from the internet (if that is where your stream is coming from) constantly regardless of weather anyone is actually on hold? And thus constantly using bandwidth?

Any clarification would be appreciated.