Asterisk 1.2 CDR to ODBC

When i was using Asterisk 1.0.7
i set up CDR to log to a mysql DB table

But since i upgraded to 1.2 cdr gets sent to

What do i need to change now to get it to log again
in my DB table?


This did it for me:

Hmm means i got to recompile part of asterisk?

I tought support for CDR in DB would be included in 1.2 no?

I tried modifying a few config file for it, but no succes…

It is, you just have to compile that module apart from all the rest. (not everyone uses it)

The add-ons can be downloaded, just like * 1.2, from the asterisk homepage.

Compilation like described on the website in a previous post.

Ok, thanks, i’ll check into that when i got time.