Asteris server with 2 ethernet ports

Hi i would like to ask if is it possible to setup an asterisk with 2 ethernet ports which are eth0=external ip & eth1=internal ip and also how would the client be able to connect.

internet==>(eth0)asterisk server(eth1)==>switch==>client

Hi Yes its a commen method of connecting asterisk.

the internal clients connect to the internal IP external to the external, Just remember to bind sip and IAX to the relevent ports


thanks for the reply…actually i have multi server setup 1 database and 1 asterisk, is it also possible that my Database could connect to my asterisk server remotely where my DB server has internal ip & my asterisk server is external ip…

Ok Before I spend time answering this question is this the whole picture ?

WHy would you connect a internal interface of a server to the external interface of a serveron the same lan when it has an internal interface.

This is just basic network design.


the reason for that is my asterisk & DB server are behind NAT router…i plan to implement DMZ with my asterisk server…so ill be pulling it out to the NAT network & connect it directly to the WAN…so the issue is my DB which is still on the network…how it should connect to my asterisk remote which is on the DMZ…hope i explain it well… :smile:


heres a diagrem


Is this what you want ?



[Nat Router]
LAN====> SIP/Soft phones
[ DB]

-The DB server will connect to the asterisk server remotely…is it possible? …im planning this DMZ thing to isolate problem & issue with SIP-NAT…what you think?any suggestion…
Problem how DB connects to Asterisk… :frowning:[/code]

DMZ WAN=====>eth1(ASTERISK SERVER) | eth0 | | [Nat Router] | | | LAN=================> SIP/Soft phones | | [ DB]

you set up two interfaces but dont enable nat or routing on the asterisk


ok thank you so much…hope this will workout… :smiley: