astDB with up to 10,000 entries: Performance overhead qn?

Hi all.

A general question to the community:

Can anyone tell me what the performance cost of using astDB to store things like voicemail on / off, voicemail delays and call forwarding etc. for extensions on an Asterisk box ?

I am looking at having around 20 or 30 parameters per extension stored in the astDB, that the users can program themselves with shortcodes and keystrokes. Probably a max of 200 or so extensions on the box

I’m running asterisk 1.4.23

Comments anyone ?


…this will not be a problem for astdb at all.

If you are planning something more like

You will probably need some SIP proxy with proper DB backend and a cluster of Asterisk servers.


Not really expecting to get more than 200 or so connections. When I make it to 10,000 I’ll definately be clustering / STUNning with a good backend database server.

Thanks for the heads up.