AstDB in Version 10, Location Change

I have a build of Asterisk on a PC Engine’s ALIX board using FreeBSD. It is all good, apart from the location of the AstDB. I see in version 10 it has changed from Berkley to SQLite, and this is a good thing in my view.

When I try to start Asterisk it errors saying it cannot find “/var/db/asterisk/astdb.sqlite3”. If I create the directory “/var/db/asterisk” then it all works. But… my /var is on a memory file system and I do not want the astdb there. I have a USB pen drive mounted and have a directory created on it at “/mnt/kd/var/db/asterisk”. I have edited the asterisk.conf line to show…

astdbdir => “/mnt/kd/var/db/asterisk”

… but Asterisk just doesn’t seem to care, it still works with “/var/db/asterisk” only. Is this hardcoded in to Asterisk and can it indeed be changed?

My apologies… I am actually using Asterisk 11 :blush:

hrm…What if you modify “astvarlibdir” in asterisk.conf also?

I’m feeling a little sheephish, but quite happy :smiley:

In the asterisk.conf, the directories were listed under the category


I removed the (!) and it is all working. I ran tests on the log directory and it seemed nothing was using the custom paths… removed the (!), which was there by default, and the custom paths took affect.