Astarisk to Iptelephoney call forward

My job is forward a call to Iptelephoney server and only things i have got the Iptelephone number and a user id and password. like…

Number: 0933000040
Pass : 0400
IP : 150.30.xx.x

How i forward a call from my real IP to Ip telephoney server with this limited information. I cant use trunk because i don’t have secret password or other things.

Need your help please.

Ideally, you ask them for their Asterisk configuration.

You seem to have host and remote secret there. I don’t know if the remaining paramter needs to be treated as fromuser or as the extension number for incoming calls. You will need to experiment.

Thanks for reply but i can’t get any more information from iptelephoney company. I have this limited information and need to forward the call that number.

Is there any idea?