Ari talk_detect


I am trying to use talk_detect using ARI NodeJS.
If someone already use it, can you help me to set and usse it please?:

channel.on('StasisStart', (event, chan) => {
                        variable: 'TALK_DETECT',
                        value: 'on'
                    .then(() => console.log('Talk detection activated on channel %s',
                    .catch(err => console.error('Error activating talk detection:', err));


this.ari.on('ChannelTalkingStart', (event, channel) => {
                        console.log('Channel is talking');

if I use variable: ‘TALK_DETECT’, or ‘FiremanSam’ I receive console.log(‘Talk detection activated on channel %s’, and I have nothing about the talk detection on the asterisk log and of course nothing with NodeJS.

In addition,

this.ari.on('ChannelStateChange', (event, channel) => {

shows the status.

Thanks a lot!

You might try changing that to ChannelTalkingStarted per the pertinent Latest API documentation.

Thanks! I will try to find where I did something wrong…I found another way to do it with the acoustic signal analysis.

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