ARI POST variable

I’m trying to post variable via ARI. I want to set variable. But I receive an error.$channel/variable?variable=$variable&value=$values&api_key=xxxxx:xxxx

What is the error you receive? What is the format of what you are replacing $channel with? Is that channel running stasis?

That channel running stasis. We receive error 204. Channel is string.

204 is not an error. All 2xx responses are successful, in some way.

Channel is used to refer to dial strings in parts of Asterisk; I was trying to establish whether you passed a channel (correct) or a dial string (wrong).

What is the difference between pass a channel and dial string?

Sorry. We resolved the problem. We find mistakes in name variable.

channel: SIP/xxxxx-99999999

dialstring: SIP/xxxxx

Thank you. Now I understand difference between pass a channel and dial string.

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