ARI Dial event caller field


the Dial event is documented having a caller field which is the calling Channel object but it’s optional. How can i make it appear on the event? at the moment it’s not included in the json body of the Dial event.

i am already setting the caller field with the channel id of the caller on the request to /channels/id/dial

From what I can see, the call to channels/id/dial does not accept a caller field:

Maybe you can set it when creating the channel?

In the body of the request include something like:
{“CALLERID(all)”:"MyName "}

Hello, thanks for the reply

dial is documented as having these:

Query parameters

    caller: string - Channel ID of caller
    timeout: int - Dial timeout
        Allowed range: Min: 0; Max: None

do you mean setting the variables field of the channel on channel creation?

Try using the following format for your caller parameter:
"youname "

for example:

“kontsaki <123456789>”

That doesn’t match the description of the parameter. To me it reads as wanting something like PJSIP/endpoint-00000000

I’ve tried the suggestion solutions, nothing works. Documentation clearly states about the Channel ID which is the “id” field of the Channel json object.

this appears to be a bug

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