ARI detecting silence in recording

Hello everyone !
I have Asterisk 14 on CentOS 7. I managed to use python-ari library for implementing my needs. But I have one misunderstanding here, is it possible to find out the silence in my live recording ?
I found an application WaitForSilence, that is exactly that I need, but I don’t know how to connect my python StasisApplication and this one, is it possible to use WaitForSilence through ARI ? Or Is there another way to detect silence in my live recording?

You can not execute dialplan applications from ARI. You would need to use “continue” to send the call back into the dialplan, execute it, and then return to the Stasis application.


Thank you for your answer ! I assumed that I can’t do it (
I have another idea, can I analyze the audio file of my live recording, while recording is going on ? As I understand, files are stored here /var/spool/asterisk/recording/.

To detect silence: Create a new channel that executes a dialplan which only consist of WaitForSilence, connect it to the bridge. Silence == the new channel ended.