Appkonference not getting installed

I have installed libpri 1.4 , dahdi-linux-complete-current, Asterisk-10 installation on centos 6 successfully.

But while installation of appKconference-2.4 i’m getting message and its not getting installed. Here is the screenshot of commands I had run for appkconference installation

[root@dtp220@galaxy konference]# make install if [ -f ]; then install -m 755 /usr/lib/asterisk/modules; fi [root@dtp220@galaxy konference]#

after giving command ‘make install’ I’m getting above message,but when I have checked for loaded modules it shows appkonference loaded.I’m able to establish basic sip call,but getting issue as while making other type of calls which use other entities of same station like 0110 & 0210, which saved in extensions.conf & which work fine in Asterisk1.6 but not in Asterisk10. As per my observation in Asterisk i added AppKonference module which is 3rd party module. & In java Program i write commands for that to establish channels using those entities. But for communicate AppKonference in Asterisk API helps when Asterisk1.6 but not in 10,and I think this is because of message what i got during appkconference installation,Please suggest what I need to do

Please help what i need to do :confused:

Please help any solution or idea will be highly appreciated

The minimum time between bumps is 24 hours. The line you quote is not an error and gives no clue as to whether or not the module has been built.

Also, since app_konference is 3rd party, you should probably go to the app_konference website for suggestions and tips about how to install it or use it.


Thanks Malcolm!!! :confused:

Again I’ve Checked When My Java Application Starts on console I’m getting msg as

14:00:47,684 INFO EventBuilderImpl:257 - No event class registered for event type ‘fullybooted’, attributes: {status=Fully Booted, event=FullyBooted, privilege=system,all}. Please report at

And while making Basic call between 2 entities eg:0012,0020, Call is establishing successfully but on console I’m geting error as

14:34:33,969 ERROR QueueManager:397 - Requested queue ‘0012’ not found!
14:34:33,970 ERROR QueueManager:347 - Ignored QueueMemberPausedEvent for unknown queue 0012

Note: No Error was coming when I was using Asterisk 1.6 ,Right Now I’m using Asterisk 10.12.3
How I can I remove this Please suggest :confused: