Any idea about this error on ast_sockaddr_resolve and check_via

Anyone knows why we are getting this on the console log?

[Sep 30 13:12:23] ERROR[2428]: netsock2.c:271 ast_sockaddr_resolve: getaddrinfo("RBCS-J9DP6Q2", "5060", ...): Name or service not known
[Sep 30 13:12:23] WARNING[2428]: chan_sip.c:18270 check_via: Could not resolve socket address for 'RBCS-J9DP6Q2:5060'

Why do you believe it should be able to resolve RBCS-J9DP6Q2?

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Not sure though. Any idea?

The error message says it cannot resolve the name. The initial assumption is that that is exactly what is wrong. To be able to say it should be able to resolve the name, you need to be able say how it would go about doing that.

Possible errors are: invalid DNS zone files; incorrect domain search path; using /etc/hosts but not specifying it as a name source, etc.

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