AMR codec

Hello !

I’m trying to add the AMR codec to my Asterisk.

I installed it and I can see it when I do “core show codecs” on the CLI.

So I installed the softphone WengoPhone (wich support AMR and AMR_WB codecs) to test this codec.

I did a simply “SayDigits(749)” in extensions.conf and allowed amr in sip.conf for my softphone.

But when I call the extension, it hangs up immediatly and i not hear “749”.

Has somebody already had this problem ?

Thank you in advance


Never heard of AMR. Any docs on it ? When I am able I will gladly test to give you a hand.

AMR is used for the 3G i’m trying to install on my asterisk. But i think this codec can’t be used on SIP, it should be the problem when i do a SayDigits with my softphone on SIP.

I think the codec AMR is simply used by the H324M (3G) gateway to make a call to a mobile phone.

If i’m right, I don’t really have a problem because I tried this codec on SIP…

AMR is used in 2G & 3G - its main interest is that it can use less bandwidth than the traditional GSM codec (AMR is variable bit rate), you tend to save 50% of bandwidth. This is a great tool for mobile operators who want to extend their network capacity without adding towers.


Ok, thank you Jean !