AMI not originating call to extension

Hi all,

I’m trying to originate call by using AMI through my C# application. I’m able to login into AMI. but after login, when i try to originate call for sip user(123) that is configured on Asterisk (sip.conf and extensions.conf), but i want call to be answered from diaplan. I don’t want any SIP phone to be configured for this number on which AMI originate will place call. But i want, originate call should redirect to dialplan if call is made for 123


But, AMI doesn’t place call, if sip user is not configured on sip phone. But, it places call, if sip user is configured on sip phone. I think sip phone registers sip user that is why AMI places call. Could you please tell, any direct way to trigger call using AMI to diaplan (extensions.conf) without having sip user registered.

Or, is there any way to register sip user dynamically through any AMI command.