AMI in combination with Stasis for snoop channel


I would like to initiate a stasis application from the Asterisk Manager Interface. The purpose of it is to enable a snoop (websocket) channel to get the sound of an already setup call to a stt-plaform.

I am able to setup the stasis in the dialplan, and the creation of the snoop channel in the ari/stasis app, but I would like to start the snoop channel during the call, controlled by an AMI action.

How could this be done, or any advise.


The only thing that immediately comes to mind is to just originate a call using AMI that goes into your Stasis application and then you can do whatever you want, such as triggering things.

Is there a reason you’re using AMI in the first place? Out of convenience instead of having something talk directly to your ARI application?

You don’t get audio via WebSockets. I think you want the ChanSpy command.

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