AMI for conferencing

I want to create a conference call through the AMI automatically.
The process would be

  1. Call first person
  2. Wait until it is picked up (if not picked up, hang up and return failed)
  3. If picked up, call second number (if not picked up, try two times, if failed hang up the call and return failed by second receiver)
  4. if picked up , start recording call
  5. return the recorded file ID/file path
  6. hand up

I am very much new to this and would link to know how to do the same.

I hope I have not asked a question which is out of context.


Hi @preetam,

If you’re just starting out; I’d recommend taking a look at the ARI - the Asterisk REST Interface - an API (which many libs written for it) which allows you to control Asterisk and it’s channels using an API. Take a look at Asterisk ARI and Bridges (the things you’ll use to connect the channels together) -

Is there a specific reason you were looking at using the AMI?


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Hi @danjenkins,

The grandstream device which is available with the client allows only AMI.
That is the only reason I had to plan out for AMI.

So basically I don’t have any other option than using it.
Can you help me with the commands I am supposed to run to automate it?

Can you give us some more detail about the Grandstream device? It sounds odd to say the least

I believe he’s referring to a Grandstream PBX which runs Asterisk underneath.

Hi @jcolp & @danjenkins
Yes it is Grandstream PBX.
I would be needing to make calls form the pri line which in used through the grandstream PBX.

Can any one help me with this?
Would help a lot


You could create the outgoing call using AMI and direct it to a place in the dialplan. AMI itself isn’t designed to have such control over operations, so you would need to write a combination of AMI and dialplan. I don’t really have an example for doing this.