AMI Action: MessageSend - line to long

Im having a problem with AMI. Im trying to send MESSAGE with base64 encoded string (300kB image to be precise). It should be possible, because as i remember SIP mesage can have up to 6000 KB size. But each time im trying to send it im receiving:

[2016-04-20 08:54:14] WARNING[26363] manager.c: Discarding message from Line too long: oJLbZxW44w2TKCgJl5L4jvXGR…

For sending im using:

Action: MessageSend
ActionID: 3
To: $DST
From: <123123123@IP:PORT>
Body64: $BASE64CTNT

How to format long base64 string to avoid this message?


That wouldn’t be guaranteed by SIP as it would, in practice, require TCP for all hops, but only support for UDP is mandatory. In any case, I’d bee surprised if AMI has large enough buffers to cope with that.

chan_sip won’t even fall back to TCP if the request is too long. I don’t know about PJSIP.

In this case, you have hit the limit from AMI before you got anywhere near the SIP channel driver.

Yes, that’s too large for AMI indeed. It’s made for short messages. Changing that would be… substantial.

Shame :). Probably i will use webservice.

Thanks very much 4 info!

Best regards!