AMD on Outbound IVR campaign

I’m developing an outbound IVR campaign for our customers and trying to get better AMD results with out any delay. I believe that since it’s strictly an oubound IVR campaign that it’s possible.

There are 2 sides of the phone call. The caller and the callee. I want the caller to begin playing the message as soon as it hear sounds from the callee. At this point it’s not important whether it’s an answering machine or human. It plays the message regardless. If after 4 seconds there is still sound on the callee side (at this point we assume it’s an answering machine) then stop playing the message, wait for silence, then play a message to the answering machine.

If anyone knows how to implement this in the asterisk dialplan let me know. I’m using 1.4.

I am not sure you are going to find a simple way to stream audio and simultaneously analyze the incoming RTP stream. You might consider the WaitForSilence application.

That way as soon as the machine and/or the live human stopped their greeting, you could start playing your message.