Alternative For DTMF

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We are running asterisk based call center solution and it is working fine. Now we are planning to deploy our solution in one of our client location. But here the problem is at our client location they have banned the DTMF due to some reasons. So our call center IVR solution is unable to work at our client location. Could you please help us to get any other solution which runs on behalf of DTMF.

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Srinivas Pujari

Why did they ban it. Understanding that would allow one to decide whether any alternative would be acceptable and what they actually mean by DTMF.

Is this a VoIP system, as most VoIP systems don’t really use DTMF, but send special messages instead of the digits, but they might be using that looser definition, in which case there may well be no acceptable solution.

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Due to some security reasons they have banned DTMF in entire state of their country. Is there any other option which can not rely on DTMF signaling.

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Srinivasa Rao Pujari

What is the security reason? Why might some other signalling protocol not be subject to the same security reason? It wouldn’t surprise me if the reason for the ban is fundamentally incompatible with your application.

What is the Asterisk box connected to? How is it connected? If not yet connected, what are the constraints on the connection? Does DTMF only refer to inband DTMF, or does it include DTMF proxies like RFC 2833 and SIP INFO?

Whilst Asterisk supports many signalling mechanisms, some can only be used during call setup and some will get converted to inband DTMF if the onward path doesn’t support them. Suppressing any conversion to inband will probaby require code changes.

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We have connected asterisk to the Portech GSM terminator. We have setup the application with the GSM modem, calls are landing into asterisk server without any issue but our system is unable to capture the user entered input digits. We have tried with the options like rfc2833, inband, sip info but there is no use.

After that we had communicated the same to the service provider then the service provider confirmed that they are restricted DTMF signaling at that place.

Without using the dynamic IVR, the application is working fine.

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Srinivas Pujari

GSM transmits DTMF out of band as the vocoder type codecs used by GSM are not suitable for pure tone combinations. If the gateway isn’t either regenerating the tones or converting them to a SIP compatible out of band protocol, you will not be able to use any method reliably, and the only partially reliable method will be speech recognition.

Although I don’t understand the security tie in, this sounds like a problem with the gateways.