Allow the caller to call any number part of a dialplan

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this by reading the docs, but somehow i got lost of trial and error, so im dropping a note here.

basically, what i try to achieve is to

  1. when someone dials the phone number, the voice menu gets activated
  2. when the main voice menu is pressed “1” it will go to another voice menu. (im OK on that part)
  3. on the next voice menu, i’d like the caller to authenticate by some pin then followed by a pound sign (im OK with that too)
  4. but once authenticated, i’d like the caller to call any phone number using a certain trunk, using a certain dialplan. if the authenticated user will “inherit” an extension after success on authentication - i’m fine with that.

here’s what i have so far


that’s the plan for now,

but the long term is to have something like one of the many “online phone cards” where some caller calls the DID, authenticates it from the backend DB and allows it to use a dialplan and trunk. if there’s a website/link that explains that - ill be happy to read more… :smiley: thanks.

Can you please post your extensions.conf file?

unfortunately, the file is 1000 lines long and contains sensitive info … :frowning: have to ask my boss if thats allowed.

Did you make the extensions.conf file yourself or are you using a WebGUI?

You can only post the relevant parts of the extensions.conf, I do not need the whole file …