Allow SIP end points to register automatically

I have a system that utilizes SIP endpoints for Audio paths in a Nursing system. The system doesn’t have the capability of providing user/pass for registration…
I have used another product that works great, but would like to look at moving toward the asterisk solution to connect to this system and build a SIP trunk to the facilities onsite PBX.

in my other system, i was able to tell the system to ignore the requirement for authentication when a SIP REGISTER command is issues. i know that there is an equivalent in asterisk, i am just stumped as to where to build that out and what command syntax to use.

your feedback is much appreciated.


It is not a wise thing to do, but simply omitting the secret and maybe disabling always auth reject(?) should do it.

Unless the phones actually move around or won’t allow you to use simple numbers when unregistered, it might be better to configure them as peers with their IP address.