ALERT_INFO with Manager API Originate 1.4


I have recently started using asterisk 1.4. I have written a “Click to call” application using the Manager API which works great. however what I want to be able to call SipAddHeader to set the inital call to the calling handset to auto-answer (using polycoms as per the auto-answer example on )

Previously from what I can fathom I could use the following action to produce this result :
Action: Originate
Channel: SIP/161
Context: internal
Exten: 9123456789
Priority: 1
CallerID: <0123456>
Variable: ALERT_INFO=Ring_Answer
ActionID: SimonsCall

However apparently the ALERT_INFO variable has been removed in 1.4, and replaced with the requirement to use AddSipHeader(Alert-Info=foo) in the dialplan it’s self.

The Manager API does not seem to support AddSipHeader, and even if it did I would be unable to add this to the initail enquiry call to the calling party as I have no handle to the channel before it is initialised.

Is there anyway round this? am I doing something wrong? Please help.

Again, anyone any ideas? I think this is a vital issue that needs resolved. It prevents Auto-answer working.

If no one has any idea, anyone help me raise this as an issue to get resolved in future releases?

Please help!

I have the same problem. I upgraded to 1.4 and now I cannot get my Polycom phones to autoanswer from a “call file” in outgoing. Same for calls produced in the manager interface. I use this to send a message to all phones. Anyway, I thought I would ask if you have made any progress on this. I am still working on it as well.

This seems to work for me.

In the call file, or manager interface, add the following “set”:


where RING_ANSWER is defined on the sip.cfg file (I used RA) and 2 underlines before the SIPADDHEADER.

Thanks for this.

for those interested my code now looks something like this

Action: Originate
Channel: SIP/1234
Exten: 04412345678
Priority: 1
CallerID: ASTERISK <0123456>
Variable: __SIPADDHEADER=Alert-Info: ;Alertinfo=Ring_Answer
ActionID: 1234

This method works for both Asterisk 1.2 and 1.4 - which is great as my application can now support both without code changes!