AGI using php scripts

Hello to every one, I am using php scripts in AGI. when running the AGI and after it hangs up, it doesn’t go back to the dialplan and don’t run the dialplan commands, I need urgent help please!!!

I don’t know what you man by hang up here. Normally, in Asterisk, it means terminate the call.

Without logs, dialplan and contents of the script, it isn’t really possible to guess what you are doing wrong.

Re urgency, see:

I mean after finishing the php script, it should come back to the dialplan and run other commands of dialplan but after the executing of script the call terminates.

As David mentioned without the information he stated noone can really answer and anything would be a blind guess.

I dont know what really are you trying to do but you should start looking for the h extension or hangup handlers

Maybe you said to the php script to hangup the call.So there is no opportunity to continue with other dialplan commands…

yeah, you are right I mean this.