AGI Tutorials

Hi Guys, if anybody knows a good source of AGI scripting tutorials in C language, plz share. I have read the pdf book ‘Asterisk TFOT’, but the author uses languages other than C.

Also if anybody knows a complete list of AGI builtin function (library) plz share.

Thanx in advance

A complete list of AGI commands is available on the CLI:

*CLI> show agi
              answer   Answer channel
      channel status   Returns status of the connected channel
        database del   Removes database key/value
    database deltree   Removes database keytree/value
        database get   Gets database value
        database put   Adds/updates database value
                exec   Executes a given Application
            get data   Prompts for DTMF on a channel
   get full variable   Evaluates a channel expression
          get option   Stream file, prompt for DTMF, with timeout
        get variable   Gets a channel variable
              hangup   Hangup the current channel
                noop   Does nothing
        receive char   Receives one character from channels supporting it
        receive text   Receives text from channels supporting it
         record file   Records to a given file
           say alpha   Says a given character string
          say digits   Says a given digit string
          say number   Says a given number
        say phonetic   Says a given character string with phonetics
            say date   Says a given date
            say time   Says a given time
        say datetime   Says a given time as specfied by the format given
          send image   Sends images to channels supporting it
           send text   Sends text to channels supporting it
      set autohangup   Autohangup channel in some time
        set callerid   Sets callerid for the current channel
         set context   Sets channel context
       set extension   Changes channel extension
           set music   Enable/Disable Music on hold generator
        set priority   Set channel dialplan priority
        set variable   Sets a channel variable
         stream file   Sends audio file on channel
 control stream file   Sends audio file on channel and allows the listner to control the stream
            tdd mode   Toggles TDD mode (for the deaf)
             verbose   Logs a message to the asterisk verbose log
      wait for digit   Waits for a digit to be pressed

i need to redirect the channel using AGI script. i dont see any command which will do that. So is it even possible to do that in AGI script?

No you will do this via the Manager API.