AGI Perl

Hi all,

Can you tell me from where i can call my update query when the call is pickuped using AGI Perl.

I writen the code to store active calls in MySQL DB. and display the real time call counter. i mean to insert record when the call is pickuped


I did not receive any suggestion. I will be appriciate if any can suggest me.

You would call the AGI in the context you are sending the call to. Not sure exactly what you are looking for, please post more details and a copy of your context of the dialplan where you want to store the calls.

Hi MuppetMaster,

I wanted to get exactly time when the call is pickuped. Because I am doing my Callshop application to display the real time call information like.
Talk Time, Charge and reaming Time.

Here is is my extention:

exten => _x.,1,AGI(
exten => h,1,DeadAGI(/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/ :

$dialstr = "$gwt/$fgw/" . $_[0] . "|1000|tTL(" . ($_[1]*1000).":7000:5000),20";
$AGI->exec('Dial', $dialext);

Now here I wanted to execute my query when the call is established to display the realtime counter for callshop users.

Variable ${ANSWERTIME}:


I read allready about Variable ${ANSWERTIME}:, But i can get this variable value when the call will be hangup. and this is not what i want.

I need the answertime while the same channel is active. Is it possible?