AGI - No such file or directory

Hi All,
THere is something i don’t really understand !!!
I am using AGI/PHP scipt for a while now, and i have never faced this problem !

My file is there, the permissions are ok !
If i run a chmod -x on the file, i get :

Any help ?
I’m lost !

Knocking on the obvious: Is Asterisk running as root? If not, does it have sufficient privilege throughout the path? One simple test could be using System() call to ls the file.

I found the problem…
the /usr/bin/php file was not here…
It means the " no such file or directory " is not for the AGI script itself, but for the first line of the file !

I compiled php with cli option and then it’s OK now!


Didn’t even think about PHP not being installed. This was a big help. Thank you