AGI -> exec format

Hi everybody,

from AGI ref. I found out that I can pass options to exec :
$AGI->exec($app, $options)

what if there is more than one option like Goto command,
when execute

$AGI -> exec(‘Goto’,‘1234’)
in exten xxx what is executed is:
Goto(default,xxx,1234) but I want Goto(default,1234) to be executed?

how should I pass multiple options to exec command?


perhaps you should stick with the correct pattern ? i.e. Goto(context,extension,priority) … e.g. Goto(default,1234,1)

No, it does not work

if you simply want to exit the AGI to a specific context, extension and priority, why not use “set context”, “set extension” and “set priority” before exiting ?

Thanks, it works this way but the problem is that I dont wanna simpley exit AGI, I am in Astcc.agi and I want to return back to the script and complete some functions which seems to be impossible now!

I need to put a caller in a queue and bill his calling card after call completeion, is there any way to do this task by astcc?